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About Us

A Premier Non-Ferrous, White Metal Alloy Manufacturer with a long heritage of generating environmentally responsible, superior products for worldwide consumption to customers that demand nothing less than unmatched quality, impeccable service, on time delivery and outstanding value for their Casting, Spin Cast, Gravity Pour, Die Cast, Extrusion and Solder needs.

NEY was founded in Europe in the mid-1800′s. For over 130 years NEY has been providing superior service to all trades using non ferrous white metal alloys and products. In 2004, NEY was acquired by Belmont Metals Inc, a leading Metals company based in Brooklyn for over 100 years that shares similar values of producing the highest quality of advanced materials while delivering unmatched service to its customers.

Our expertise in refining, alloying and manufacturing high purity metals has helped NEY maintain our position as a predominant force in the metal industry. Our flexibility to customize formulas has allowed us to remain competitive.

What we do best: Our knowledge in formulation produces outstanding products at understated prices. We can manufacture single batch mix from 1lb. to 40,000 lbs. All manufacturing is done in our 80,000 square foot factory with virgin materials, unlike many of our competitors, so the quality of each mix is assured. We offer consulting services, where we can customize your product needs, to meet specific product qualifications and cost allowances.

We will always stand behind our products with a full guarantee of quality and workmanship.   We have in house quality assurance and Lab testing methods for each batch and an independent analysis from an outside source is available for outside certification of our alloys.

Advantages to our location: We are located in the heart of New York City. Our location allows us to ship your order without delay, whether it be by ground, air or port. Since freight is abundant and competitive, It also allows us to pass that savings on to our valued customers. Because of our location, we can draw on a large labor pool. This helps reduce overhead costs that we pass along in savings on to our customer.