Complete Tekcast Spin Casting System, which includes: Smelter, Hydraulic Vulcanizing Press, and Spin-Casting Machine. In good working condition
An in-depth descrption:

Series-100-D TekCASTER
Mold sizes from 12" to 18" diameter X 6" thick
Voltage 115 VAC, single phase, 50/60Hz @ 8 Amps
Digital speed control (100-1000 RPM)
Automatic mold centering
Front loading design
Totally enclosed machine body
  Documentation Included:
Moldmaking & Spin-Casting Instruction Manual
Spin-Casting, venting, metal flow & turbulence
Tekcast installation operation / maintenance manual
Tekaloy alloys & comparison charts with illustrations


Tekcast Digital Hydraulic Vulcanizing Press
2 Heated platens
18" Diameter heater platen working area
20" Diameter total platen area
220 VAC single phase @ 20A
50 ton / 100,000lb Maximum pressure
6 11/16 inch RAM stroke
150-500 Deg. F temperature range
Quick heating (25 min. from cold)
3 post construction
Automatic on / off cycle timer
2 Vulcanizing frames (12" 18")
  Finishing equpment
2.5 Cu ft
Flashing cutter and polishing media
Tekcast Natural Gas Metal Melting Furnace
2 cast iron melting pots
Digital temperature control
Furnace table
80lb capacity



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